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Let your hair down and let’s have fun!

Whether you’re looking for a new look or just a trim, great hair begins with a great cut. At Apple Unisex Salon, our stylists can perfectly handle the four aspects of a smart cut – precision, technique, creativity, and balance. All our stylists are trained to deliver a unique and personalized hair cut that complements your face and highlights your best features.

When you want a radical look or a slight update, Come to Apple Unisex Salon for a head start with our hair colouring trends.


Our ammonia-free hair colours keep chemicals at bay and help you style your hair away! We also offer spectacular hairstyling services for weddings and parties so that you can look your fabulous self, everywhere you go and steal the spotlight! Our hair treatments are designed to help your hair fight damage, pollution, and dryness in the best possible way. As a result, your hair gets its moisture, lustre, and strength back! Keratin treatments, hair spas and revitalizing hair rituals are just what you need to uplift your hair’s appearance. Apple Unisex Salon also brings you some smart hair extensions to add texture, volume, colour, or length to your hair.

Skin services Apple Legacy


Love the skin you’re in!

Pamper your skin with a little TLC at Apple Unisex Salon. When you’re having a hectic week, visit us on the weekend to unwind, heal, and rejuvenate! We also offer various skin beauty services like waxing, facials, and face cleanup to brighten your skin and elevate your appearance.

All our products are from leading brands and ensure optimum care for your beloved skin. Our skincare experts will also recommend the right products for home care so that your skin gets the best treatment every single day.


Professional skincare treatments are like oil changes for your car. Get them regularly for the best results!

Choose from our various packages and celebrate being comfortable and confident in your own skin.

hair services Apple Legacy
makeup services Apple Legacy


Makeup magnifies the beauty that already exists!

Apple Unisex Salon offers customized makeup services for all kinds of occasions. Whether it’s your big presentation, dream job interview, a cocktail party, sangeet ceremony, or your own wedding functions, we’ve got you covered.

Our makeup artists use their creativity, imagination, and years of expertise to bring out the best version of you. We handle everything from your lashes, lips, cheeks, to eyes and amplify your face’s beauty with our talent.


Not to mention, you can also visit Apple Unisex Salon for Saree Draping during cultural events. Grooming yourself is the best way to boost your confidence and spread glamour and elegance all around.

You know what they say, you can’ buy happiness but you can buy makeup and it’s kinda the same thing!

Nail services Apple Legacy


Flaunt healthy and beautiful nails with some sparkling services at our Nail bar. We indulge you with a luxurious manicure and pedicure services keep your hands and feet soft, smooth, and supple. Personal hygiene is our highest priority so you can be assured that all tools are sterilized and of high-quality brands for your precious nails.

Our holistic approach towards your beauty ensures that we offer attention where you need it the most.


From offering the perfect manicure to delivering enviable nail art, we strive for perfection with all our clients.

While you’re conquering the world, don’t forget to pamper yourself at Apple Unisex Salon.

Nail services Apple Legacy