The Ultimate Last-Minute Wedding Checklist

The wedding day and the days leading up to it are some of the most hectic days. There is just so much to do and oversee. There’s always a danger that you might forget something, and it could be something important. So, avoid this disaster scenario. Make the ultimate last-minute wedding checklist that will keep everything on track, including your appointment with Apple salon

Vendors Payments – Vendors have scores of people working under them, and for them to be paid, you need to pay your vendors. So, if your vendor needs to be paid in advance, make sure they are paid in full. But be sure to get your receipts and file them. 

Reminders – Just because you have paid your vendor doesn’t mean you can assume everything is in order. You have to send them reminders about their services and the wedding dates and venues. You have to be on top and check if they are doing their work. 

Extra Cash – Always keep some extra cash on hand. Some unexpected expenses might occur, so rather than running to the bank or ATM, just keep some cash on hand, so you can spend when required. However, keep a record of the money you spend and save the receipts. 

Packing for Honeymoon – Many couples immediately leave for their honeymoon after the wedding. If you are also planning on doing this, you have to pack for your honeymoon well in advance. So, on the day you are leaving, all you have to do is pick your bags and leave. 

Create Itineraries – One of the best ways to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly is by creating itineraries. This way, everyone knows what is going to happen, where they need to be, and what order to follow. 

Check with Family & Friends – Check with all your friends and family who are going to be a part of all the ceremonies. Welcome them, enquire about them, and make them feel like an important part. In the stress of it all, it can be easy to ignore friends and family, but don’t do that. After all, them being happy is going to add to your happiness. 

Assign Duties – Assign your friends and families some duties and responsibilities and follow up with them. Their work can greatly reduce your stress and get loads of work done. Plus, they will also feel like they are an important part of the wedding ceremony. 

Coordinate with Makeup Artist – One of the most people at your wedding is your makeup artist. Ensure, you are in touch with them and are coordinating properly as they will need to be with you before all ceremonies. If you are going to an expert salon franchise, make sure your appointments are in order. 

Coordinate with Photographer – The other important person at your wedding is going to be your photographer. You need to coordinate with them as well and create a photo schedule that you can follow. This will help you know what time you and your entourage need to be at a certain place. 

Have an Emergency Kit – This is very important. Something can go wrong with your dress. Something can happen to your makeup, hairstyle, or Mehendi. Prepare for all the worst-case-scenarios. Your emergency kit needs to have sewing equipment, makeup equipment, styling equipment, some additional clothes and shoes, and even sweaters and umbrellas. This kit can be your absolute lifesaver. 

Follow this checklist and you will be relatively stress-free during your wedding day and the days leading up to it. Regarding your makeup, choose Apple Salon for the best and most attractive bridal looks at the most competitive prices. So, get in touch today for a consultation. 

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