The Best Bridal Makeup Looks to Rock in this Winter Wedding Season

The wedding season is on in full blast! Is your big day too coming up? There must be a million things on your mind, including your bridal makeup. But this blog will take this one thing off your mind. Check out all the best bridal makeup looks for this winter wedding season from the best salon brand in India. You can go for any of them for your upcoming wedding and other functions. 

The Chic Sangeet Look 

Sangeet is all about enjoyment. Your makeup should show this. A stunning bronze look is what you need. Now, you might be thinking that the bronze look is more of a summer look, but with the right eye makeup (cool-toned) and highlighters, you can easily pull off the bronze look, and turn heads during your sangeet ceremony. The bronzed look also allows you to have fun laughing and dancing at your sangeet without having to worry about the makeup getting runny. 

The Traditional Shy Bride Look 

The minimal makeup look is one of the most popular bridal looks, especially for brides who are not too much into makeup. If you are planning on wearing elaborate dresses to all your wedding ceremonies and are going to be decked in a lot of jewellery, you have to go for the traditional look. It will make for a brilliant contrast. The only issue you might have is that can look a little washed out under bright photography lights. But if you have a bridal makeup expert like us doing your makeup, you won’t even have to worry about that. 

The Over-The-Top Look  

It’s your wedding day, why shouldn’t you go all out. The Over-The-Top (OTT) bridal look is popular for a reason. Apart from making you look stunning, this makeup style also works exceptionally well in photographs. Attractive eyes, prominent cheekbones, full lips, and stylish hair will absolutely make you look like a million bucks. On your wedding day, all eyes should be on you, and the OTT makeup look will ensure that. 

The Champagney Look 

If you plan on looking different from most brides, you can go for the champagne-rose-coloured look. This makeup is for those brides who prefer a soft glow. Add some attractive eye makeup for this glowy look and you have a stunning effect. The champagney look is fast catching on, and many prefer this look for events like engagements and sangeets. With the right dress, you can also pull this look off for your wedding. This look also photographs really well. 

Glitter Like Gold 

It’s your wedding day, it’s time to shine. Yes, the glitter look is another popular look that is perfect for your wedding. Many people shy away from this look thinking it is going to be too much, but the truth is that, if done by the best salon brand in India like us, it is going to look great. The glitter look does not mean you are going to be splashed with glitter all over your face, elements of glitter are going to be cleverly to enhance your look and make you look your best. This is definitely worth considering. 

The Red, Pink & Silver Look 

Not many know, but a clever combination of red, pink, and silver will look amazing on the bride’s face. Combine pink and silver for the eyes for a shiny look, and paint the lips red for an unbeatable combo. Your would-be husband will surely fall in love with you all over again. 

Choose the above-given winter wedding looks and look stunning for your wedding day. But, if you want many other exclusive bridal look options and the best salon treatments in Pune, India, come to Apple Salon. Get in touch today to know more! 

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