Pamper yourself with Pedicure to give your feet, great relief.

To look and feel fabulous is bliss during these days of the pandemic. Self-care should always be the priority, do not stop pampering yourself after all if you take immense care of your body and skin that will add to the charm of your personality. 

The best salon in Pune like Apple Unisex Salon gives your toe, nails and feet the care they deserve, Pedicure is one of the major services in this head. Our toes have got immense importance in the functioning of our body, our complete body rests on our feet and toes balance our body weight. When it comes to grooming why to leave the feet part stay pale. Get a grooming session for your toes too, Pedicure will help your toenails get cleaned and shine like glitters.

 Have you ever thought that dead skin cells can dull the look of your toes too? If not then pay attention this blog will let you know what things can be rubbed off with a great Pedicure session at Apple Unisex Salon.

What is Pedicure and Why is it necessary for beauty purposes?

If you think beauty is only associated with the facial aesthetic then my friend you need to understand it in more depth. Beauty is not just the shine of your face, or the cuts of your facial bones, No, Not at all. It is the entire impression of the body which creates the intrinsic personality that you carry. The face is the spot of attraction but if you do not feel light and confident at your feet then how will it give the charm and the glow that could be reflected through your face.

Hence to maintain and gloss up your toe skin and nails you should opt to have a Pedicure session soon. Always look out for the best salon services in Pune or India, do not compromise on your body care. 

To know better, Pedicures are the cosmetic therapies of cleansing your feet and toenails giving them the allure and attraction they need. Just analogous to Manicure, Pedicure is the pampering that your feet get through certain chemical cosmetics and massages. There are equipment and tools that are used to peel off the dead skin and blend the shape of toenails giving them a crisp edge. Ask your salon expert to give you the best pedicure service in Pune or elsewhere, just then you’ll know how much comfort and relief it gives more than we describe. 

So now you know a bit about it, plan out and book your appointment for Pedicure with the best salon in Pune.

How is it done in Salon or at home?

Here are some easy to learn step by step guides of how to do Pedicure at home or Salon.

Remove the nail art if you have –

This calls for the first step in Pedicure, to remove the nail polish or any kind of art from the nails, hence to clean it.

Add salt to the warm water –

Salon uses foot spa wherein you at home can use tubs or water basins for soaking your toe in warm water. Add the salt in the water for cleansing purposes. This process helps in removal of dead skin cells making the toe skin softer and smoother.

Rinse the feet and scrub –

Get your toes out of the water rinse and soak it to apply the Pedicure product or special moisturizing mask to the toe. Rub and scrub the toe with that product, this will help in cleansing the toe and moisturizing it to smoothen.

Place the feet back into the water to rinse it again –

Once the scrubbing is completed with all the essential massaging then put your feet back into the water, for a final wash. You can use the same water or might choose to change it too. As soon as you are ended with the process, you’ll see your mood charged up and body feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

These are some quick tips of doing Pedicure, to know better and in-depth you may contact the salon experts of Apple Unisex Salon, visit the website to contact them further. Thus, if you want to show some love to your body and especially your feet then do not delay in pampering yourself with Pedicure or other salon services/treatments. Feel different, feel beautiful.

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