Bridal Accessories that every Girl MUST Add to her Trousseau

So, your wedding is coming up and you must be going crazy with so many things on your mind. If it’s hair and makeup, leave it to the best salon brand in India, Apple. But if you are worried about your ensemble, the following information can be of great help. 

Most brides have their dream dresses in mind, but what about accessories. There are some trendy new accessories that you can add to your trousseau that will uplift your bridal look. These accessories are unique and different from the usual bridal accessories. Here they are: 

Oversized Rings – Every bride wears a ring, but have you thought about wearing an oversized ring? Yes, this trendy accessory is taking the bridal wear look by storm. From sapphires and rubies to the good-old diamond, you can wear any stone you like in these rings. Pearls also look good in over-sized rings. Though the rings are oversized, their designs should be as simple as possible. The flower design is also quite popular. This is an excellent accessory that will make manicured hands ever better.  

Anklets – Though anklets have been around for ages, the new styles and designs that have come up recently have caused a resurgence of sorts for anklets. The excellent thing about anklets is that you can use many different types of precious metals and stones in them. You can match the anklets with your wedding footwear to have a complete look. You can also choose anklets that contrast with your Mehendi designs to make them stand out even more. Anklets are a must for your wedding ensemble. 

Kamarbands – The kamarbands had gone out of fashion for a bit, but now they have made a comeback with a vengeance. Though most South Indian brides wear this accessory, even a few North Indian brides have used this accessory to enhance their look. Kamarbands can really help you bring the whole look together, especially if you are wearing a saree or lehenga. 

Clutches – Clutches are not just for carrying your essentials. They have emerged as the hot new accessory for brides-to-be. Jewellery designers now specifically design clutches that can be held and worn as accessories. From chic ones that fit into the palm of your hands, to elaborate ones that truly grab attention, clutches are a must-have for the brides who love to do something different. 

Potli Bags – If clutches are being used as accessories, why not potli bags. These cute little bags, when decked with elaborate jewellery, can be the most attractive accessory in your trousseau. Along with serving the purpose of an accessory, you can also carry a few important things in the potli. Some makeup stuff for last-minute touch-ups, pins, and hair-ties, and more, this little bag can be a life-saver. Imagine a potli covered in mirrors, or ghungroos or pearls. It is going to look absolutely beautiful, and you look beautiful too. 

Floral Accessories – If you love flowers and want them to be a part of your memorable day, you can go for flower-shaped accessories. From earrings and hair clips to bangles and rings, you can find them all in attractive flowershapes and wear them as a part of your wedding ensemble. 

Bridal accessories are very important and you must choose wisely as they can really add more charm, glamour, and elegance to your look. And to look even more beautiful, you should do your bridal makeup and hair at Apple Salon. You are guaranteed to look like the most beautiful bride ever. 

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