7 basic Skincare Tips That Will Transform Your Skin


When it comes to having a skincare routine it becomes kinda stressful. Not every time every day our skin can look enticing. To keep up with such alluring glow we need to set a perfect skincare routine. If you are seriously looking for what tips to inculcate for skincare then this blog is the piece of cheesecake for you.

Apple Unisex Salon totally understands your dilemma, with thousands of products in the market, and choosing the best “must-have “ product becomes so tiresome and full of stress for you. Thus this is the reason we offer you the best salon treatments in Pune | India at one stop. Not just our treatments but our one on one skincare tips will definitely blow off your stress and end your hustle of seeking perfect advice on skincare.

Good skin nowadays is defined as a Glowing and flourishing skin tone. With the world moving towards a crystal clear skin approach it becomes quite challenging to maintain the same skin tone. If you are a beauty enthusiast and want to know about the skincare tips that can transform you to your best version then this blog will guide you through your beauty jargon. Below is the list of some easy to practice skincare tips that will help you keep a watch on your skin redressal and also help in maintaining the glowing tone for it.

1. Know your skin type and use products accordingly –
You should know your skin type and what suits it best. Any kind of ignorance or misinformation about it can compromise your skin’s natural glow and can cause irritation, inflammation, breakouts or unwanted patches too. So know your skin tribe and use products accordingly.

2. Do not wear unnecessary cosmetics –
Give up on the “more is gold” attitude. More makeup or chemical layers on your skin might give you a minute shine and spark but it might be destructive to the skin if used every time or wear it for a long period of time. Reactive chemical products might pill your skin and might also block the pores, this is again nasty to glowing skin. So read the product composition before using it and use it in the prescribed proportion.

3. Cleansing should be the habit –
Cleansing is key to healthy skin. You should always double cleanse your skin to remove the dirt and unseen particles from the skin layer which might settle down in skin pores if not removed. Thus, use a better quality skincare cleanser which can gently free your skin from inflammatory particles.

4. Do a patch test –
Before putting up any cosmetic product make sure you do a patch test for it. Patch test doesn’t need any hardcore instruments, just apply a small amount of the product in your inner arm and wait to see the impact of it on your skin.

5. Apply sunscreen to avoid tan or sunburns –
Sunscreen acts as a beauty shield when you are out in the sun. 90% of your skin aging is within your control protecting it from sun exposure might delay premature dullness or aging of the skin.

6. Healthy nutritious diet –
No matter how many restoring products you put on if you have a poor diet plan then your skin will never bring on its A1 game. To get the angelic look and a flourishing smooth skin, eat well and eat nutritious food. Healthy food is never expensive for our body. Nourish your body with beauty-boosting vitamins, minerals, and proteins, this will strengthen your gut and flourish your skin, making it light and alluring. Good food helps your health in and out.

7. Give a Retinol boost to your skin –
Retinol is nothing to get scared of; it helps in fading the scars, even out the skin tone, and improving the appearance of fine lines. Retinol enhances your facial aesthetics and adds up more charm to it. Thus when you think of skincare, retinol should be incorporated in the list.

Transformation of the skin enhances your self-confidence and adds more power to your dream of looking charming. With the advancement in time and lifestyle patterns, we hardly look up to our worsening skin conditions. It is necessary to have a check on the skincare solutions, as time lapses our skin needs transformation, these aforementioned skincare tips will surely help in having nourished and flawless skin. Apple Unisex Salon is always there to take your out from the plunge of having flawless skin, it provides you with the best salon treatments in Pune, simply unmatched

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