2021 Bridal Makeup Trends That We Can’t Get Enough Of

Some amazing makeup trends are going to dominate in 2021. If you have upcoming nuptials, you should know about these trends. You can even consider using them when the time comes for your big day. Here are some of the top trends corroborated by the best salon franchises in India that you have to know about before your wedding day. 

Subtly Done Smokey Eyes 

This amazing trend will bring out the beauty in your eyes. The smoky eyes look is always an amazing look, but it is more of a party look than a bridal one. But if done subtly, the smoky look can also look great on a bride. Rather than using black, you should use colours like brown and grey and just add a little bit of glitter, and enhance your eyelashes – your eyes will look their most beautiful. 

Prominent Eyebrows & Nude Lips

Really attractive eyebrows can bring together the makeup on your face. Therefore, you have to go for the prominent eyebrow look. However, prominent does not mean they have to look unkempt and wild. They need to have to have a balance between natural and styled. To complete this look, you also have to go for the nude lips look which is a lot more natural, and allows you to show off the colour of your lips. This bridal look is great for daylight wedding ceremonies. 

Pastel Eyeshadows

The best artists in the world use pastel colours for elements in their paintings to pop, so it only makes sense that can be done with your eyes as well. The trend of pastel eye shadows is only going to increase with unique colours and blends coming to the fore. Even something as minimal as an eyeliner that contrasts to the pastel eye shadow can do wonders to your eyes, and make them look alive. The best salon brands in India have already begun contributing to the trend of pastel eye shadows as this look is great for daytime and nighttime functions. 

Bronzer & Blush 

This is a heavy look but highly preferred by most brides. A wedding means a lot of pictures and videos, and this look is one of the best looks that comes alive on camera. To bring out the facial features, contours were used but not anymore. The combination of skin-coloured bronzer and blushes is now being used to bring out those gorgeous, photogenic cheekbones. So, study this look, and see if this is the one that will make you look like the most beautiful bride on your wedding day. 

Unique Lipsticks

The beauty and appeal of the lips will never go away, so why not highlight them with unique lipsticks. Do away with the usual colours and go for unique colours like cool brown, dark pink, and mauve, This, combined with subtle makeup, will create one of the most perfect looks for your wedding day. Your would-be husband will not want to take his eyes off. 

Matte Finish Eyebrows

This is another trend that is really catching on. Since most of your look is glossy and glowy, you can opt for the matte finish eyebrows. They create an amazing contrast that will make your face look even more attractive. If all the brides out there are adding glitter to their eyebrows, why not be different and go for the matte look. This is a good look for daytime ceremonies. 

All the above-given trendy looks and many others are available with any Apple Salon franchisee. Book an appointment today or get a consultation for your favorite bridal look. Search for “Best Apple Salon Near Me“, and get ready to look beautiful on your wedding day.  

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